About Us

  Hey Ladies! I am Sharon, I am so happy to share Poet Street with you all!  A few things about me… I am a fur mama to my little old lady Sammy (rescued Bull Mastiff). My favorite drink...  Starbucks Venti Iced Matcha Latte. My favorite guilty pleasure... naps..  One of my all time favorite movies... Arsenic and Old Lace. One of my favorite TV shows... Chicago PD. We could get into my favorite music, but we would be here all day!

YES, YOU CAN FEEL CUTE, CONFIDENT, AND COMFY! Our boutique is filled with trendy, stylish and fashion-forward clothing, accessories, and jewelry for women of all ages. We have a eclectic mix of styles, and I’m hoping that when you shop with us, you can find items for yourself and the other important women in your lives.. mom, friend, daughter, sister, etc.  

All our vendors and manufacturers have high five star ratings, we only want the best in quality for you. 

I have always had a love for clothes, comfort, and shopping, and now I am sharing it with you, but the best part is you can do it from anywhere you have a phone or a computer. Shopping 24/7? What is better than that?

One of my main goals is to create happy customers, who continue to shop with us, and become part of our boutique family. We want you to feel secure in shopping with us, so I am looking forward to providing you with the best customer service possible.

We want you to feel beautiful inside and out with our collection, and I am confident that you will be happy with your purchases. So do some shopping today!